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We moved out to Portugal to live a frugal but better , simpler and peaceful life, our house is a very basic, semi ruin, up in the hills outside Figueiro Dos Vinhos, where we work our land, enjoy life with each other and our dogs, and hope to make the smallest carbon footprint we can,

Monday, 16 November 2009


Well it seems autumn is wet this year, compared to last year anyway... but hey, the land needs it, the wet keeps the frost away, and the garden growing.... we have plenty of wood to keep warm, although its not actually that cold, just very damp... the winter stream through my kitchen has appeared last night... and will stay while it keeps raining... oh joy...
So we look for things to do inside... on the list is to paint our bedroom, make a step in the house by the front door... and to put a new door on the bedroom, plus try to finish insulating the lounge roof...
busy busy..

Ooh oil is done... a poor yeild this time, we only had a few trees and the olives looked luscious... plump and black... but sadly full of jiuce and not much oil... we had 15 litres, enough to last me the year if Im frugal with it.... but it tastes fantastic!!