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We moved out to Portugal to live a frugal but better , simpler and peaceful life, our house is a very basic, semi ruin, up in the hills outside Figueiro Dos Vinhos, where we work our land, enjoy life with each other and our dogs, and hope to make the smallest carbon footprint we can,

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My Kitchen.

Ive been asked a few ties for a few pictures of the kitchen since I mentioned we were doing some work on it. Well we did quite a bit, but work has since ground to a halt again due to lack of funds. But I'm loving the look that is slowly evolving and it really feels right to me... I understand its not the kind of kitchen most people would want, but it works perfectly for us. The bare concrete floor, may not be beautiful, but for dogs muddy paws, our dirty boots, the Portugal dust... its just about right, maybe later when the puppy is bigger and we have spare money, then we'll tile it... but till then... this will do. The same with the 'back door' its a polythene sheet on a wooden frame... but its watertight, draftproof and lets in plenty of light... works for me... at the moment... We are warm, dry and comfy.... and we love it...

Now we've moved a cupboard out and put in the old Sofa, we can sit down by the range in the wet evenings and be all snuggly, also as you see the dogs love it too!
Yes its a tad 'rustic' but its very funcional, and its just my style... I love it. Nothing cost us much or most of the time, anything at all. The shelves are made from our wood from the forest, yes... those dining  chairs are really lastic garden chairs... hehehe we've had them almost five years now.. and they will stay untill we find other better chairs which are as comfy as those! We give the walls a splash of paint every now and then to brighten up the place, and Ricky keeps saying he's going to repaint the floor (it keeps the dust down and makes it washable) and do it with bright blue paint.... hmmm Im not convinced, no doubt he'll do it one day while i'm in here...