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We moved out to Portugal to live a frugal but better , simpler and peaceful life, our house is a very basic, semi ruin, up in the hills outside Figueiro Dos Vinhos, where we work our land, enjoy life with each other and our dogs, and hope to make the smallest carbon footprint we can,

Monday, 14 November 2011

General Update.

There is so much happening at our place I dont know where to begin this update. Of course its all down to having such excellent helpers, almost five weeks on and they are becoming family now..
Right, Osian finished his wall, and smashing it looked too, his latest project has been to build a small drainage gully out of stone to run completely down the side of the steps which lead up to the house, this we hope will stop the steps becoming the annual waterfall that happens normally. As we live on a hill, since we built the steps every winter when the rains come, the steps become a water feature of the garden, but it washes mud and debris down onto my gravel patio outside the cottage and gives us added work cleaning it up...
It rained heavily last night and the finished drain worked like a dream... As you can see by the pictures, the dogs, who seem to wangle their way into most shots, love having the lads around too...

Gareth has a new project too, a while ago, a friend gave us a lovely old pump, he is going to build a two tier stone plinth to mount the pump on, and stone paths radiating out which we will gravel (when we have some money) and plant up with herbs... its a large job, which he can work on at his own pace, as well as all his other things he's doing... Rick is helping him with advice on local traditional methods using clay as filling between the stones instead of cement..

The lads are of course helping out in a multitude of ways, we have to be doing things that cost us nothing but improve our place here, there is a lot more wood to be collected, especially now the weather has turned wet and windy, its still very mild but a tad damp...

We have been chestnut collecting, the lads then were set to boiling and peeling them for the freezer, a useful afternoons work by the fire on a wet day.