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Friday, 4 March 2011

Stevia More info.

Ive had a few people email and ask for info on Stevia. It was reccomended to me by some local Swiss women who use it and have used it for years, one is a nurse, the other a alternative therapist, both swear by it. They havent used sugar for years, you can buy Stevia as a liquid on the internet but I plan to grow my own which is what they do.
It is notoriously hard to germinate, which is probably why some people say you cant do it and buy plants instead. That isnt much of an option for me due to postage costs ect. Ive bought a packet of seeds via uk and all together it only cost me 4 pounds with postage. So worth a try.
I feel the growing conditions here should be good, they like a very humid atmosphere for germination and early growth. We have a really humid area that should suit them fine.
I can but try...
There are all kinds of health claims for this plant, Ive attached a link to a website that may answer a few questions for you all.